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We believe consultations should be unhurried and help you to understand the health requirements of your pet. Or if a health problem exists, to give us the oportunity to discuss fully the treatment options, prognosis and likely costs. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like - we donít have a timer running!

General Surgery
We are able to carry all routine surgery required for your pet in-house and in most cases, on a day-patient basis. That way you can have your ďbabyĒ home for the night.

Orthopaedic/Soft Tissue Surgery
An extensive inventory of  instruments and equipment at both practices and experience in a wide range of orthopaedic and soft tissue procedures commonly (and less commonly) encountered in practice enables us to handle most emergency and scheduled surgical procedures. Dr Paul Kluck has completed a number of current courses on veterinary orthopaedic surgery to ensure we can offer high quality in-house surgical options, especially relating to the surgical correction of:

1. Medial patellar luxation

2. Cranial cruciate ligament rupture - We do both the simpler (and cheaper) lateral fibelar tie procedure suitable for smaller dogs and cats and the MMP TTA technique suitable for larger dogs.

Of course we can offer you high quality referral options for more specialised surgery if necessary - eg advanced orthopaedics, spinal or ophthalmic surgery.

We have at our disposal a wide range of diagnostic equipment at our disposal to help achieve a rapid diagnosis of health problems in your pet.

  • In-House blood labarotory facilities at the Innaloo practice allow very quick assessment of samples especially important for critically ill patients and those needing pre-anaesthetic health assessment. We feel most pets over 10 years of age would benefit from at least an annual blood test to assess for underlying disease issues that can be managed before they become a major issue. Other pets on long term medication generally need more frequent testing to monitor the useage of drugs for side effects and dose.
  • Digital X-Ray facilities allowing quick and accurate diagnosis of many conditions, not just bone disease and fractures
  • Tonometry to assess for the presence of glaucoma, a
  • Digital blood pressure meter - with mini pet cuffs that enable accurate assessment of blood pressure which can be important in the management of heart and kidney disease.
  • ECG for cardiac disease assessment, especially for cardiac arythmias
  • In-house microscopy for the rapid assessment of cytology samples from some forms of dermatitis

Dr Paul Kluck  has undertaken coursework in veterinary acupuncture. This is especially useful in treating musculoskeletal problems, especially chronic problems such as arthritis. It is less often used as a first line therapy but enables us to offer other treatment options in refractory or chronic cases. Much like its use in humans, it can be used for problems as diverse as behavioural problems, incontinence and dry eyes.


A high pressure spa-bath dogs just love! We use a pleasant cologne shampoo that is gentle on sensitive skins, while the high pressure jets both massage the skin as well as removing in-grained dirt. (Note that dogs are towel-dried. Have a blanket in the back of the car)

We can provide information on some excellent pet insurance policies that give you the peace of mind that, should the unexpected happen, you will be able to afford the veterinary care you would like to give your pet. Ask us for a brochure next time you are in one of the surgeries.

Some of the companies that offer pet insurance policies are (in no particular order):

(Note: we cannot endorse any of these companies - we always advise you read the policy documents and make your own mind up)

Some guidelines for taking out a pet insurance policy:

  • Start insurance at an early age as possible so you donít have a situation where pre-existing conditions arenít covered. Most insurance companies will require a complete veterinary history of your pet prior to accepting the policy to check for any pre-existing conditions and most will not start a new policy for pets above a certain age.
  • You pay more, you get more! A cheaper premium generally means a higher excess per claim, lower ceilings for annual claims and less cover. Generally get the highest cover you can afford
  • Read the policies carefully to check what is or isnít covered. Some policies/plans will cover for routine health costs as well as treatment for health issues and emergencies
  • With the advent of specialist veterinary services we may refer your pet to, fees can sometimes be many thousands of dollars to provide the care required to bring your pet back to health. Insurance can prevent a situation from occuring where you are unable to proceed with this due to cost.

VIP Pet Scheme
A great way to save money on your petís annual health costs is to make it a VIP Pet at Total Vet Care. For a very reasonable annual fee you are entitled to:

  • 10% DISCOUNT off veterinary services including vaccinations, consultations and surgery *(Excludes laboratory fees, out-sourced services and puppy schools)
  • 10% DISCOUNT off all prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • 10% DISCOUNT off pet food
  • 10% DISCOUNT off merchandise

*Come in for an application form for more information and conditions that apply.

Cremation and Burial Services
When the inevitable happens and you say goodbye to your pet, feel confident that we can help you out if you canít or dont wish to bury your pet. The options are anything from a standard cremation (where you donít get ashes back) to an individual cremation with ashes returned to you in a cask or urn, or even burial of the ashes at Lawnswood pet cemetary.

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